Для концерна, имеющего большой опыт жилищного строительства в Западной и Восточной Европе, ЖК “Две Эпохи” станет первым жилым проектом на территории России. При этом у компании уже есть опыт строительства коммерческой недвижимости в Санкт-Петербурге. В 2010 году был построен и введен в эксплуатацию один из самых успешных бизнес центров Санкт-Петербурга - бизнес-центр «Пулково Скай» - высокое качество которого не раз было отмечено профессионалами рынка коммерческой недвижимости.

Проект «Две Эпохи» - это новая классика: соединение прошлого и будущего, сохранение архитектурных и культурных традиций Петербурга. Комплекс идеально вписывается в архитектурный облик Васильевского острова и имеет все необходимое, чтобы обеспечить жителям максимально комфортные условия проживания.

«Мы очень тщательно выбирали и прорабатывали все детали ЖК «Две Эпохи» – начиная от локации, заканчивая инженерными решениями внутри квартир, - делится Риита Экенгрен, президент концерна EKE. – Наша компания – семейный концерн, мы очень любим Санкт-Петербург, красивейший город, и часто здесь бываем. В новом проекте нам хочется подчеркнуть всю красоту Северной столицы России. Именно поэтому в качестве архитектурного решения комплекса была выбрана стилистика классической петербургской архитектуры к. XIX – нач. XX века.»

В рамках проекта предусмотрено строительство 9-этажного дома бизнес класса выполненного в стиле доходных домов Санкт-Петербурга конца XIX, начала XX века, и трех 11-этажных корпусов соответствующих классу повышенной комфортности, выполненных в стиле современной скандинавской архитектуры. Всего комплекс насчитывает 317 квартир. На верхних этажах 9-ти этажного здания располагаются квартиры с собственными террасами и панорамным остеклением.

На территории комплекса предусмотрен отапливаемый подземный паркинг на 177 машиномест с организованным въездом со стороны 18-й линии В.О. Внутренний двор будет закрыт для движения автомобилей. Безопасность жителей будут обеспечивать передовые системы видеонаблюдения, установленные по всей территории комплекса, а централизованный вход позволит обеспечить эффективную систему контроля доступа. Во дворе будут оборудованы несколько детских и спортивных площадок, а также зоны отдыха детей и взрослых.

Сегодня на строительной площадке уже заканчивают работы нулевого уровня и совсем скоро начнут появляться первые этажи. Срок реализации проекта запланирован на IIквартал 2018 г.


81. All you would want are some on-line relationship ideas to help get you started - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Brucekep (Гость)
2022-01-18 в 06:37

It's a contentious difficulty in relationship landВ…should a girl play hard to get, or should she be the modern girls and, so to speak, take the dating bull by the horns? There are more single people in the society https://vieny.page.l...on-line-rainbow-gay to tell you the reality, online dating companies is correct for some American singles but not right for others. 2. The basic idea of this new form of dating is to use Smart phones to get in touch with single men and women who too are looking for partners and are keen on getting into a relationship. You can search for contact with all Russian women and single men in your area and other international places. You have so much chest hair it's so sexy! E. Capricorn would let all kinds of possibilities into its head, but that's because they are always pondering "career options". If you can do this, you are successful! never rush into any conclusion for which you'll have to regret the rest of your life.

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And then I lived in the real world - where everything is a lie, everything is a transaction, a negotiation, a sale, with kindness the thread that interweaves through all good transactions. With a history dating back to 1903 the Beach Course was instrumental in the formation of the National Association for Automobile Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) https://vieny.page.link/mick-lovell-gay we can't get the place we need to by focusing our consideration on the boundaries between proper and flawed. Learn a few dating tips and some things which should be avoided with some great advice at The Pandora's Box. The Australian sites of dating offer members with the free recording, seeks free, and the free interaction with all the other chooses on their Web sites. ” or “How has online dating been for you? https://rslmx.page.l...k/alex-gray-gay-porn Keep a lookout for basic grammatical and spelling errors which could indicate that the spammer is not writing in their native language. He is very honest with me, and though he loves to child around, he retains the lines of communication open. For me, success is seeing folks overturn destructive prognoses they've received in life

84. Do your associate's family and pals like you? - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Brucekep (Гость)
2022-01-18 в 05:46

Body language could be a principal step to flirting and dating. This is all about feeling what others feel. The free sites of dating of woman completely offer the free service to find lesbians Our minds are designed to obey the will of our hearts - which informs you through your intuition. Attempt making it into a behavior, you are not mendacity - you are just being diplomatic! 9 million members all up, that's a lot of potential partners. We don't always get along with the people we love, but we should be willing to get along with them most of the time and try to love them when we are feeling negative about them After being on the sidelines for awhile intimidation can easily turn into fear. Still, though, it is a good question--how should you deal with it when a woman your dating asks you? From your research and from recommendations, narrow down your choices to about three https://ozbse.page.link/gay-69-xxx finding the right partner though is not as easy as selecting which dress to wear to a party.

85. Finally, majority of Christian singles who really feel that they've met an ideal match online determine to take their relationship additional by arranging a real-life meeting - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Brucekep (Гость)
2022-01-18 в 05:41

A number of years ago when first I transferred from Plattsburgh to New Paltz, New York, I didn’t know what to anticipate. Women choose who gets to have sex and who doesn't. Theres something to be said for letting the tension mount, about letting the other person fantasize for a while https://ozbse.page.l...rubio-chef-gay-nudi After a long time you feel like it's about time to find out who the person you've been meeting virtually online really is. Seriously like none totally free online dating websites will save people like us time, money, and sleepless nights. 2. The world wants to know what the big shots are doing every now and then, where they are partying, whom they are dating, which fashion line they are going with and everything else. For those who look nice however he's not approaching you, suppose about whether or not he's feeling like he would possibly get rejected and change your smile and stance so that you look such as you want him https://rslmx.page.link/skyline-gay no.

86. This is the safest route and the one that I recommend to you - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Brucekep (Гость)
2022-01-18 в 05:41

And I’ve only begun to show why anyone would be motivated to consider in freedom-for-excellence (Barron and Spitzer do an amazing job at that). You and your date will now stamp in the ultimate seal of approval and marriage contract is signed eventually…thanks to online adult courting the new internet revolution https://ozbse.page.l...mappa-gay-amsterdam then I see Adam is standing with Eve as she is tempted by the serpent God made, which I deduce, is because Adam was refusing to eat as commanded. Thanks to the internet big beautiful women and their admirers can find plenty of non-judgmental company in BBW dating sites. Decide if you want to use msn or some sort of chat program. Don't rush the relationship and stress her for a one-on-one meeting now you have to write that each one-important profile. WRITE DOWN 3 TO 5 QUESTIONS about something you see in her online dating profile or your email exchanges. I cannot forget a German Director of our company on his farewell visit to India saying “50 years from now, remember to be nice to us” https://vieny.page.link/husum what things are significant to you? Normally the ave date is late march into early april when this all happens.

87. Here is a list of the most common forms of welding technology - Незарегистрированный пользователь  IsaacUtisk (Гость)
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88. 4 They don’t want a failed marriage - Незарегистрированный пользователь  IsaacUtisk (Гость)
2022-01-18 в 05:00

When a Thai woman marries you, she is your wife forever. And finally, we think about it from her perspective -- keeping things both interesting, and upbeat https://ggypi.page.link/papenburg whether your date focuses on the Protector (Deuteronomy 20:Four), the Forgiver (Nehemiah 9:17), or the Peacemaker (Romans 15:33), these solutions can give you nice insights. Stitch Update: the more we talk to the people registering for Stitch, the more we have come to understand how important the issue of trust is (and how absent it is in most online dating sites today). Beautiful lens. It is imperative that you should keep a few things in mind if you want to seek a Filipino woman as your life partner. There is also an open-air market down by the lake on the Cesare Battisti promenade held every Tuesday and which has existed since the 15th century https://ivoqy.page.l...ve-15-film-migliori the perfect date tales are usually the ones that didn’t go so properly. If we reduced the size of the earth by removing all the carbon, the gravity would be much less and we would still be giants. Publisher: Joseph Devine As the amazing advances in telecommunications make instant communication ever easier, we are experiencing a strange paradox https://zhlxb.page.link/old-vintage-gay not only does a web cam remove the geographic obstacles, you can get a sneak peak into their lives and hobbies. Liegen die allgemeinen Kriterien einer Angststörung vor, die eine normale von einer krankhaften Angst unterscheiden?

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I take been using the facial cream (Urist Idea & Frown Line Cream) and the <a href="https://zpackus.com/ ">azithromycin pack</a> seeking unreservedly some hour now. I noticed and also include comments from friends and neck my facial lady that my hull has improved. I am so indebted object of your testimonial…

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