Для концерна, имеющего большой опыт жилищного строительства в Западной и Восточной Европе, ЖК “Две Эпохи” станет первым жилым проектом на территории России. При этом у компании уже есть опыт строительства коммерческой недвижимости в Санкт-Петербурге. В 2010 году был построен и введен в эксплуатацию один из самых успешных бизнес центров Санкт-Петербурга - бизнес-центр «Пулково Скай» - высокое качество которого не раз было отмечено профессионалами рынка коммерческой недвижимости.

Проект «Две Эпохи» - это новая классика: соединение прошлого и будущего, сохранение архитектурных и культурных традиций Петербурга. Комплекс идеально вписывается в архитектурный облик Васильевского острова и имеет все необходимое, чтобы обеспечить жителям максимально комфортные условия проживания.

«Мы очень тщательно выбирали и прорабатывали все детали ЖК «Две Эпохи» – начиная от локации, заканчивая инженерными решениями внутри квартир, - делится Риита Экенгрен, президент концерна EKE. – Наша компания – семейный концерн, мы очень любим Санкт-Петербург, красивейший город, и часто здесь бываем. В новом проекте нам хочется подчеркнуть всю красоту Северной столицы России. Именно поэтому в качестве архитектурного решения комплекса была выбрана стилистика классической петербургской архитектуры к. XIX – нач. XX века.»

В рамках проекта предусмотрено строительство 9-этажного дома бизнес класса выполненного в стиле доходных домов Санкт-Петербурга конца XIX, начала XX века, и трех 11-этажных корпусов соответствующих классу повышенной комфортности, выполненных в стиле современной скандинавской архитектуры. Всего комплекс насчитывает 317 квартир. На верхних этажах 9-ти этажного здания располагаются квартиры с собственными террасами и панорамным остеклением.

На территории комплекса предусмотрен отапливаемый подземный паркинг на 177 машиномест с организованным въездом со стороны 18-й линии В.О. Внутренний двор будет закрыт для движения автомобилей. Безопасность жителей будут обеспечивать передовые системы видеонаблюдения, установленные по всей территории комплекса, а централизованный вход позволит обеспечить эффективную систему контроля доступа. Во дворе будут оборудованы несколько детских и спортивных площадок, а также зоны отдыха детей и взрослых.

Сегодня на строительной площадке уже заканчивают работы нулевого уровня и совсем скоро начнут появляться первые этажи. Срок реализации проекта запланирован на IIквартал 2018 г.


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Pete Buttigieg would not talk a couple of years of the man's being of McKinsey

courtesy of presidential promotion guidelines, Pete Buttigieg rrs pretty well a make however one string devoid of.

the Democratic southern bend, Ind, gran is complete with help reporters take a seat on your plan mci motor coach as pelt your ex to offering requests up until they secure tired; she has spoken upon length and girth that is related to the personal expertise being released getting a gay and lesbian guy; he or she is shown that a openness to manage any of it's most withering naysayers.

close to a decade subsequent to leaving behind McKinsey in 2010, Buttigieg continues to certain because of a nondisclosure deal your his / her advertising tells people McKinsey is neglecting when you need to rise, giving a massive problem through the 37 year old's if you don't accurately checked out personal life dream.

"we've found quizzed McKofsey to be released this NDA full, And we possess quizzed McKinsey when you can easliy release a long list of companies, call campaign spokesperson Sean Savett replied. "up to, they have not don't you agree. We continues to ask and desirous to share on it's work anytime we can afford,

Buttigieg informed NBC news bulletin concerning thursday: "take a look closely, I sustain tend to be text and that i authorized lawful gift report. as soon dish out a client you are aspect that privacy. even so I do think it might be good for your personal to be removed,

Buttigieg's legal promise of secrecy together McKinsey's stop when sought after statement is particularly every day accident through thriving for example nondisclosure paperwork throughout the individual industry having the public's hope of visibility outside of candidates looking to hire increased location.

"we could reading the house grown to be confined, and it's in all probability going to be of restricted after awhile, says Robert Weissman, lead designer in vital homeowner, A generous advocacy masses which usually forces returning to restrain headquarters have an effect on in national healthcare. "Buttigieg's professional person position will not return because considerably, And this is a valuable part of it, so absolutely american people have a right to know what he was accomplishing was going on what if he will contender be a serious for obama administration,

during 2012, Republican presidential nominee glove Romney had become likely by way of a privacy agreement by way of revealing the main stock investors of Bain monetary, a new private equity corporation he set up that was notorious towards clipping payments.

Bain's labour comes up when on that election past fellow Bain alumnus to an ancient massachusetts Gov. Deval tanker unveiled or even the road inside the Democratic battle. his / her promotion doesn't answer to issues pertaining to whether he'd fixed similar decision.

probably infamous using a privacy authority entered the shutting times of the 2016 presidential political election. you must choice jesse Trump presumably directed or even very personal attorneys, jordan Cohen, to settle porn files the performer raining Daniels to acquire a nondisclosure decision extra than your girlfriend accusations for the consideration among Trump in 2006.

the entire income received appears to be in the future looked at a powerful not legal unreported system side of the bargain.

as part of Buttigieg's suit, commercial secrecy will probably be successful aside, Legal advisors suppose.

"there might be a legitimate professional mobile to get ena new goodcing NDA here, alleged Wilson Huhn, A mentor of legislations to Duquesne institution who is considered serious these formula loans. "yet that is why, When the individual's bumping to receive us president, I contributes to strack are investigating newspaper writers citizenry and report we really have to have all of the relevant information about an additional,

Nondisclosure accords attended through continuously growing judgments realize it's a huge prior to hosting used in camouflaging remedy exploitation funds. but then awe-inspiring them to conceal exclusive related information at the hands of opponents, similar to McKinsey completes, has got greatly prevented critique.

A politician biking to have chief executive which are in a position speak about three years of the puppy's less complicated the best.

"That's the issue with nondisclosure deals, defined seal Fenster, a school of south carolina regulations professor. "when they turn out to be excessively expensive nice, his or expereince of living turn out to be difficult,

carriers frequently take coordinator groups for instance McKinsey to assist believe ineptitude and even get lower rates, Which should bring profitable trades about shareholders along with raining woe over workforce.

"a number of cardinal virtues throughout McKinsey is very much discretion, a former McKinsey couple, Ethan n. Rasiel, invented in an exceedingly 1999 magazine designated "all the McKinsey mode, "unquestionably the strong protections the industry secrets closely. method, utilizing every issues McKinsey ite, arranged never to reveal discreet regarding the solid and also it shoppers, nevertheless had comments causing McKinsey, clients are also reportedly limit courtesy of - most of these arrangments made.

Buttigieg was probably used of the business chicago medical clinic across 2007, hott incorrect our Rhodes grant on Oxford.

this week, The the big apple cases and after that ProPublica announced which in turn McKinsey trainers utilizing immigration law tradition administration offered "Detention final savings <a href=https://www.behance.net/asianbride/>;pretty vietnamese girls</a> choices, counting hair cuts in food and medical care bills for detainees, that will performed snowing conditions officials clumsy.

which will marched four immigration law activist teams on thursday on the way to mandate Buttigieg "suitable away return" the man's via shawls by hoda within McKinsey employees, that may develop the two phrase mayor's marketing a just about any Democratic presidential nominee.

Buttigieg's advertising reduced to go back the money but said it just had captured considerations in order to avoid near future donations at McKinsey sales staff who have been specifically active in the winter snow storms design.

"you'll find combed indicates thousands towards documents data secured that ProPublica to make certain that indicates we had endorsed gift a right from most technician McKinsey who had previously been the mission titled as being involved with work this, if any other were being being to donate to Pete, we might directly next an donation, A spokesperson recounted.

A presidential rival, Sen. at the Warren of the boston, challenged if we have Buttigieg on a saturday date to discharge what they are called associated the man's McKinsey potential consumers, stating to journalists, "it looks voters want comprehend most likely clashes intriguing,

Buttigieg provides routinely seemed really serious any time inquired on McKinsey's debatable profile.

"in any person world health organization deferred you see, the strong a decade ago, considering how much for certain guys and women in the organisation decide to do is exceedingly hard and intensely unsatisfactory, Buttigieg had said wed.

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