The rating is carried out annually by the newspaper. This year the jury included the largest St. Petersburg developers, and it was the professional community that has chosen the best projects. “We started with housing project and  were well aware of the serious competition in the field. But we made up our mind to do that, and, as it shows, our determination was the right one.  The demands of business class buyers are growing every day. They are interested not only in a quality-built house with efficient apartment layouts and modern engineering equipment, but also in an individual architectural solution, a convenient and prestigious location, safety of living, modern design solutions for common areas. All this, combined with Finnish quality and a respect to details, we were able to offer in Two Centuries. The high appraisal of respected market partners and of the city's leading business newspaper confirms this,” says Irina Zerenkova, Sales and Marketing Director EKE Group.


 Now, the complex is more than 65% ready, more than 35% of 317 apartments have been sold. Large area family apartments are in high demand.


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